Some progress on the type project, & Folder issues

I took a lot of the comments yesterday to heart, and frankly took advantage of the opportunity tweak my type assignment a little more.

I worked on it, my Home page, and my About page; so far, the first two are OK, but the latter needs work.

First things first, here’s my type assignment.

You’ll note that the url should be for the Home page; and that despite my note above that the actual Home page is finished, it is not linked at all. That leads me to problem #2; folder hierarchy on the server. I can’t seem to arrange the main folder in a way which is consistent with the way the server reads the files. I was able to get them both up, but once you began navigating back and forth the url kept adding additional [slash][filename] to the extensions already listed.

I am not worried about this long term; it clearly has something to do with how I saved & named my original folder in Dreamweaver, and eventually through some more reading and trial-and-error I’m sure I’ll figure that out.

Going back to my type assignment, I didn’t make any drastic changes from what I showed last week; mostly a little polishing. The Home page is the same layout, just different content. The About page–which again, is still a work in progress–will still have a sidebar, but other than that will look nothing like the beta version I presented a few weeks ago.

Two other things real quick:

1) The link for the seminar takes me to the main page; and once there I cannot find a video under that title for the length indicated in the syllabus; there is one with that exact title but it’s nearly two hours shorter. I’m watching it just to watch something ( does have great videos) but just wondered if anyone else noticed that.

2) As we say goodbye for now to typeography and move on to images, I thought of this classic, which I meant to post a few weeks ago:

Helvetica Bold Oblique Sweeps Fontys

I recognize I risk Dr. Petrik’s wrath by posting something which includes a shout-out to Times New Roman.

See you all Monday! And don’t forget happy hour at the Rat!

So far, I’ve commented on Anne’s blog, Dan’s blog and John’s blog.



  1. Your typography project is looking good! I initially also had issues figuring out how to link within my own webpage using dream weaver, but I found a tutorial when I googled that helped a lot! Also, I will forever hate TNR. Forever.

  2. Kirk. Your assignment looks great. I definitely need to implement the 960 grid like you and others have. Now when I look at different web pages, it is obvious who has a grid and who doesn’t.

  3. Actually, Dan, I haven’t implemented the grid yet, but last week Martin showed me and Beth how to apply it and I do think I’ll check it out going forward.

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