A little bit of tweaking as we enter the home stretch

I don’t have a whole lot to report–looks like I’ll be revising my final project over the next several days. However, I did manage to take care of a few basic issues as far as the look and design went. I’ve implemented them on the files for all my pages, but since most of them still need other work I’ve only uploaded the “fixed” version of the home page, which you can see here: Kirk’s Final Project Home Page.

I figured out why the nav bar wouldn’t stretch all the way across the body–I’d put padding on the inside of the wrapper for the purpose of giving the text margins. I removed that padding and added padding to the body header and paragraph properties, which solved that problem. I actually have a sort of abstract design for the whole page–the lighter green in the body surrounded by the darker green in the wrapper represents the Shenandoah Valley, while the brown nav bar represents roads and turnpike traversing the valley to connect it to the rest of Virginia. Probably too abstract and subtle for anyone to “get it” but I like knowing that there was an underlying logic to the basic design and color scheme even if nobody else sees it

I also worked on the spacing for the headings; those in the header needed to have the word spacing closed up a little, while the header in the body needed the letter spacing tightened. I think in both cases it looks better–and yes Dr. Petrik, I un-capitalized the “and” in the heading.

No luck centering the image better than it is. The footnotes might not happen–I haven’t given up but I can’t seem to get the logic of them. I’ll keep trying, but my site is going to have less text than many others because this is largely a visual project. 

This week I commented on Mika’ blog, Amanda’s blog, and Anne Ladyem’s blog.



  1. Your title looks like a book cover now, which is very neat. I think you’re definitely on the right track, and for the most part, we’re all adding tweaks here and there trying to get it right. Keep at it and good work!!

  2. Kirk, I love the Map of Improvements with its great color combination. Have you considered pulling from that for your site’s color palette? Keep plugging at the small stuff, the big stuff looks good.

  3. Looks good. Your colors prove you’re an academic….super deep haha. I noticed that the left margin of the image caption on the Shenandoah Valley page was a bit large, you may want to decrease it. Also, to combat the captions that refuse to conform to an image’s width, you can use s at the points where you want the line of text to break. It worked well for me. -Paul

  4. Kirk, I love all the maps you included in your website. Sometimes less text is better. I especially like the one on the secession page. Its interesting to see how digital techniques are on an old map. Great job! I was wanting to add a map using ArcGIS only if my free subscription didn’t ended…

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